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Learn how I overcame years of undereating and struggling to lose weight, to actually learning HOW to turn my slowing metabolism into a calorie burning machine! 

(Watch the free training now! Valued at $297 - My gift to you! )

Yes - I'm ready to boost my metabolism to see lasting weight loss!

Are you looking to lose 15 - 30+ pounds & tired of constantly having to restrict your foods? Ready to stop wasting hours in the gym trying to get results?

Yes, this is totally possible for you!

From my experience over 20+ years in the fitness industry, some of the biggest mistakes I see women after the age of 35 make is: undereating, over training & not fueling your metabolism with proper nutrition to keep your body constantly burning calories 

Those methods will only continue to suppress your aging metabolism, causing it to slow more rapidly & not allow for weight loss to happen. Those methods also lead to major burnout! 

The reality is that if you don't have a sustainable way to lose weight by fueling your body, you will never be able to keep it off. Let's face it: NO ONE CAN DIET FOREVER! We need to get that metabolism boosted again to turn your body into a calorie burning machine! 

The good news is that our clients start implementing ONE simple thing and are already feeling the effects of a stronger metabolism in just a few days! 

What you need is:

1. A blueprint to boosting your metabolism along with the tools to understand how to properly fuel your metabolism so you can shed the unwanted weight AND keep it off! 

2. Knowledge & guidance from a team that can help you know what to do, how to do it and WHY it's important! 

Metabolism Makeover with Kathy Kemper Fitness is not only the best 12 week weight loss program on the market, but it transforms your body & mind to help you keep it off and ditch the yo-yo dieting FOREVER! 

Let's work together to boost your metabolism so you can continuously feel great while enjoying the foods you love. 


"The side effect of a strong metabolism is weight loss, and I am so glad you are here! - Kathy Kemper

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