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I am a NQ NPC Figure competitor and Metroflex sponsored athlete….! A year ago I would have never thought I’d say that! In fact, a year ago I was oblivious to the physique competitive world. I contacted Kathy in the spring about trying a figure competition. Just in the first conversation I had with her I was impressed and knew without a doubt she was the coach for me. Kathy exemplifies a genuine passion for the fit life and possesses a wealth of knowledge.  AND Kathy cares! I never felt like a client of hers. I always felt like a person, a friend. I always knew if I had a question or needed a pep talk I could call her. Kathy motivated me to train hard and brought out the best version of me to date! I truly look forward to my next prep with her because I am confident she will bring out an even better version of me for the next stage I step onto.

Stephanie Bomstad

I have been afforded the opportunity to work with Kathy since the beginning of 2015.  Unsure I had what it would take to successfully compete in the NPC Kathy initially guided me through a restructuring of my eating habits.  Once I saw the results I knew it was time to take the next step and move onto the competition stage.  With Kathy’s straightforward and knowledgeable approach to competing I was able to step onstage three times in my first competition season feeling confident in the product I was presenting. I have always struggled with 

negative body image so you can imagine how far out of my comfort zone I had to go to even attempt this item on my bucket list.  I still have

a lot of work ahead of me as I continue this journey. I look forward to every step of it and know that I have an invaluable resource in my coach and friend, Kathy Kemper.

Laura Schwab

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