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Train With Me...

You may have looked into the cost of a personal trainer at your gym, and/or a nutritionist, and thought ‘I cannot afford to do that!’ Well, why not put the two together and for the price of 2-4 personal training sessions a month get a whole month’s worth of CUSTOMIZED WORKOUTS and NUTRITION PLANS! Based off your personal info and goals, I will take my years of experience and create a customized training plan, that takes into consideration YOUR goals, YOUR schedule, YOUR workout equipment available and help YOU learn what you need to be successful and maintain your results. It is all about QUALITY not QUANTITY when it comes to spending your time and money wisely, both in the gym and on your plate! Let me teach you how to be successful at this!


Want to look at working together?! I offer a free 30-minute consultation to see which of my programs would be a good fit for you!

I have multiple packages offered, from group challenges to customized one on one packages that will not only teach you about nutrition and/or workouts but will also help you learn about what works best for your specific body and needs.

Work out
With me!

Group challenges are great to start if you are new!

Group challenges will be more generalized and a great place to start if you are new or unsure of where to begin. They are also great if you are at a maintenance point and just want new/fun ways to challenge yourself! These are open to any level (beginner to advanced) but will not have individualized nutrition or training.


There are guides/recipes to work with:

These are typically offered in 4–8-week challenges and have specific start/end dates. I would be happy to get you more info on what is coming up next!

One on one programs

One on one customized programs are also offered for any level. I focus on educating through this process so after our time together is finished you can continue living a healthier lifestyle and maintaining the goals you reached. Here you can choose to focus on nutrition programs, workout programs, or a customized nutrition and training program. Contact me and we can discuss what program will fit your lifestyle and goals best.

Here I offer 12, 16 and 24 week packages, with monthly payment options or a discount if paid in full, which ever you choose.


Email me to set up an appointment – I’d love to connect!

Fill out this form and let’s see if we’d be a good fit!

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