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Thank you for your interest in my Competition & Metabolic packages! I am an IFBB Pro, IFBB Pro League Judge, NPC National and Head Judge, and NPC District Vice Chair. I have been an A.C.E Certified trainer since 2003, and earned my Batchelor's degree from U.S.F in the same year. I bring over 20 years of coaching experience to your programming. 


Over the past 20 years, I have been dedicated to improving one's life through fitness and nutrition. Over the past 5 years I have been working to build on my years of coaching and training experience by becoming a Certified Functional Health Coach from the Metabolic Mentor University, and have studied a female metabolism down to the cellular level. I do not approach weight loss from a 'less is more' stand point, but instead, from boosting the metabolism from the inside out. Rest assured, the goal is to see results from a metabolic standpoint, not from a starvation standpoint. 

This can take weeks, this can take months, this can take years, it all depends on where each individual's metabolism is currently at, how well it responds, and how consistent and devoted you are to the program! Please contact me for a free metabolic assessment and I would be happy to walk you through what a individualized program would look like for your unique situation!

I am confident we can get you seeing results and feeling your best – all you have to do is the work 😊

....your best is yet to come!!!..... 

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Package Rates

  • The options below are for customized Nutrition and/or Training packages. Please note the differences if you'd like Nutrition or training only, or both. (This is not my VIP Metabolism Makeover Package- message me for more details if you are interested in this)  

  • All packages include metabolic assessments to assess where your unique metabolism is and how it is functioning, and continued assessments if needed to make sure metabolic health stays on point/is improving. 

  • Packages are non-refundable

  • All packages include 1- 30 minute zoom session per month. It is the client's responsibility to schedule this with me each month.

  • Check ins are done weekly, and sometimes more if I need to see progress more than 1x/week. 

  • If you are looking at a competition prep, these rates are for both on season or offseason. 

  • Final competition prep will include check ins every 1-2 days, or after each meal you eat, as needed. 

  • IF you want me to be at the show, I do ask for hotel cost and any trainer's/backstage pass if you'd like me backstage. (I will cover my own travel cost) 

  • If I will be judging the show you are looking at competing in, I will not be able to work with you for posing or prep in that show. 

The following show package pricing. Message above to purchase and check availability. 

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