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MONDAY, JUNE 12th @4:30 PM!

THIS WEBINAR will be digging deeper into a female metabolism and I will be discussing WHY diets fail over time (you know, like when you did the diet the first time it worked, and then years later it just doesn't seem to work the same???? WHY IS THAT?!!!) And, I will be giving you some specific tips you can implement immediately to help start to reset your metabolism and get that body burning again. 

Monday, June 12th at 4:30pm CST - FREE on FACEBOOK!! 

It will be approximately 20-30 minutes long (however, If you know me, I can get excited and talk a little more than I plan at times 😉)


Show up LIVE and I will be taking 5-10 min of personal questions at the end! 



Let's BOOST that Metabolism!

Questions?! Shoot me a message!

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