"Everyone’s goals are different, but in any aspect of life, a great workout can be a big part in changing it for the better."

Meet Kathy


Fitness is my passion! It is my life! I was fortunate enough as a kid to be involved in any sport I could get my hands on, and that instilled in me a love for fitness that has become a major part of who I am.  As I have gone through my years in life that passion has grown from wanting to push myself further, to helping others reach their fitness goals, no matter what level they are at! Whether you are very new to this way of thinking, looking to take your fitness to a whole new level, or even wanting to improve your stage performance in a fitness competition, I would LOVE to talk more with you about your goals and what we can do together to achieve them!

Bodybuilding/fitness competitions!!

Have you always wanted to be a fitness competitor? Or maybe you have competed before and want to take your stage performance to the next level! Physique competitions are truly a ‘next level’ of fitness that many athletes love pushing themselves to! Join my team of amazing athletes and lets push for that next level!

Train with me!


You may have looked into the cost

of a personal trainer at your gym, and/or a nutritionist, and thought

‘I cannot afford to do that!’ Well, why not put the two together and for the price of 2-4 personal training sessions a month get a whole month’s worth

of Customized Workouts and Nutrition Plans!